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Software engineer, technical leader and architect with 20+ years of experience, currently mostly focused on Python but also very comfortable with other languages in general, like JS, PHP etc. Beginner in Rust, Go and other languages. Worked with PHP for many years since 2003, but since 2007 prefering and using Python. Main interests are: software development, software architecture (components, integrations, layers, OOP, design patterns, application optimization, reliability), internal quality (TDD, CI/CD, code checkers, good practices), DevOps (deployment orchestration, resource optimization, monitoring).

My main approach, which I prefer, is to spend more time thinking about system and code design and internal quality so that it pays off in the future with more reliable, stable and robust systems, but I'm able to do occasional quick changes and workarounds on emergencies, keeping track of the technical debt to pay later - with refactoring and redesigning. Mostly a test-first dev (real TDD), but able to make production code and test later if needed. I try to keep 100% code coverage whenever possible. I do continuous refactoring and other good practices, keeping the code well-organized, mostly object-oriented but also able to push to a more procedural or even functional approach.

I've had past experience as a "frontend developer" (JavaScript, HTML and CSS) for many years, having become a Senior in the area, but I transitioned to the server-side, which I prefer. So my focus is on the server-side, but I'm able to jump on the client-side development if needed occasionally. I've also had past experience with Java, Golang and Ruby-on-Rails and the defunct ActionScript behind Flash applications. My server-side development in my carreer was initially with PHP, but I transitioned to Python.

Been a lead developer in a number of situations, interviewed many candidates for development positions, and spend time trying to keep a good team balance to keep projects working well - and not only "doing my part". Had experience in training other devs for technologies, and always asking questions and answering them in order to facilitate the sharing of experience and solutions in both directions.

My favorite technologies are Python, Django, Flask, asyncio, PostgreSQL, Apache Pinot, Redis, RabbitMQ, 0MQ, Linux distros in general (mainly Arch Linux, Ubuntu and Debian), Docker, Kubernetes, numpy, pandas, xarray, git. Also fine with using other technologies as needed.

Always keen to learn new technologies, willing to develop systems for other kinds of environments.

My education was as a Bachelor in Popular Music, but music for me, today, is just a hobby. I love playing my electric basses, both alone or in bands.

I'm married to the best woman on the planet and we live with a bunch of cats in an amazing place.